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McMullan Consulting has developed computer systems for over 40 years.

We specialise in web and mobile enterprise solutions for Insurance, Superannuation and Accounting markets.

This project began in 1996 first developed as a Client / Server Windows software application for Insurance repair companies in Australia.

Once established in Australia and the United Kingdom, GClaim was adapted to a web based solution in 2000 for US, UK and Australian customers.

In 2002 GClaim was delivered to Insurance Claim administrators as an ASP (Application Service Provider).

Today GClaim version 3.5 continues to grow into the iPhone delivering cost management and work flow benefits across the Insurance eco-system.

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This project began in 2007 with the goal to solve technical issues in video conferencing.

In 2008, ParkSlide launched a web based video conferencing system people can use.

ParkSlide emerged delivers significant value to the Insurance industry by capturing damage evidance and allowing multiple experts to take action in real-time.

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